Taking Care of Family

After many years of great health and mobility, our aging pets became dependent on us for their continued accessibility to the places they had previously enjoyed.

With this in mind, Art spent a great deal of time studying hundreds of videos, paying close attention to the unnatural movements that dogs joints are put through when they use standard-sized stairs. Given that dogs joints are a common concern in pet owners, particularly in aging dogs, he figured that there needed to be something better. No pet owner wants to see their friend suffering!

The result of Art's labour is pet stairs that are actually MEANT for pets! With a significantly shorter rise between each stair, your pet will experience a more natural movement resulting in less wear on their joints. Whether your pet starts using these early in life or later, it will provide your best friend with access to the areas of your home and/or vehicle to which they are used to.

These stairs are also beneficial to smaller pets that would like to join you, whether on the couch, on your bed, or a car ride! Collapsible, they fit under the bed, or in the trunk when needed.

Please note that our stairs are designed specifically and only for pet use. We are not licensed to manufacture stairs for human use.