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Frequently asked questions

Do you make custom sizes?

Not specifically...after several requests for a taller set of stairs, we realized it was something that enough people wanted, so now it is part of our regular items! We love getting feedback and requests are certainly considered! Please feel free to ask...it may already be in the works!

So what about my ...? What size should I get?

After much research and experimentation, we have introduced our Stair/Ramp combo created specifically with short-legged pups in mind! It has been tested and is Dachshund approved! The option of grip tape instead of carpet allows many other breeds to use this unit as well. For more broad chested pups (Basset Hounds, Bulldogs), we suggest going with the 18" width, as the 10" is simply not enough room! Feel free to send us a message! We are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are in the area (Comox Valley/Campbell River, BC, Canada), pop into your local Woofie's and ask to try out our stairs! The staff are fantastic and always eager to help!

What about a ramp? I need something tall for my pet to get in my truck!

This is also in the works... we are perfecting our ramp meant specifically for your needs!! If a higher stair is all that you require, we have introduced the 18" with a 6-step option. Check out our Shop page! Keep your eyes peeled! Oh, and join our community for updates!

Your community?? You're probably going to sell my info!!

We are committed to protecting your privacy! We will NEVER sell your information with anyone or any site...EVER! Rest assured that your information is safe, and you can opt out at ANY TIME! Please take the time to read our Privacy Policy.

Hmmm....how do I join?

At the bottom of every page, you will find a form asking your name and email. Add the relevant info, and you are in! Oh, don't forget to click 'SUBMIT'!!

Do you make stairs for humans? These look perfect!

Unfortunately, our stairs are NOT approved for use for humans. These are designed and meant to only be used by your pet. We are not licensed to produce stairs for human use.

Please note that our stairs are designed specifically and only for pet use. We are not licensed to manufacture stairs for human use.