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Hi! Christina here to request your feedback...

Here at Happy Bandit Pet Solutions, we want to help your pets lead healthy, fulfilling lives. We are aware that there are challenges for some in keeping up with you and the rest of your family, and even more so as your pet ages.

Every item we produce has been created with this in mind. We take your requests and suggestions seriously, and welcome you input.

If it wasn't for the input of one of our testers, we would have never developed the stair/ramp combo! The challenges that his Dachshunds faced using our stairs encouraged us to look for a solution. It turns out that this issue wasn't limited to his pups, but to shorted legged breeds in general.

Thanks Dave!

With this in mind, I would like to encourage your feedback! If you have a request, a suggestion, anything that you would like to see, please click on the Contact Us page! We would love to hear what you have to say, and you never know, we could be in the process of developing what you need, and you could be the first to know ; )

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