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Well THAT was a crazy weekend!

It's almost a week later, and I'm FINALLY getting time to sit down and fill you in!

The Victoria Pet Expo was a blast!! We met so many amazing animals (and their humans, of course), and the reception of our products was spectacular! I can't tell you how many people commented on having JUST bought one online (from that beautiful country south of us), having paid significantly more (after currency conversion, duty and taxes), AND received an inferior product. It was very insightful, and encouraging to hear that! Unfortunate that we didn't find them sooner.

We set up a 'pet stage', and everyone became a performer! There were dogs, and bunnies, and ferrets...Oh My! The dogs quickly let us know whether they preferred the ramp or the stairs. A few were unsure of either. I can imagine it was incredibly overwhelming for them. So many people and pets. Why does my owner want me up on that stage? What are those other dogs doing up there? That's ok. We understood!

The ferrets loved having the stairs to wind around...difficult on a leash!

The Buns13? He was happy hanging out on stage with his admirers pawing over him.

The other exhibitors that attended were fantastic. There was such a variety of items and services, that it really was a pet lovers dream! There was a group of lovely ladies across from us that were representing the Cowichan Cat Rescue. These amazing individuals bring in the feral cats (most are actually unwanted, not feral) from Ladysmith to Mill Bay, and rehome them. The Barking Butcher creates fresh, whole foods for your dog, no garbage added (believe me, the cow ears still had hair...apparently a natural dewormer!), The Snuggit Pet Carrier made me want a small dog. I'm not kidding.

There were honestly too many amazing exhibitors dedicated to improving the lives of pets to list.

The Dachshund Dash was a hoot! It seems that Toby is a winning name when it comes to Dachshunds. Each day a different Toby won! Each Toby won a prize package from Purica as well as a set of our Dachshund Ramps!

The winner of our free event tickets & $20

Happy Bandit Pets credit, Snoopy, participated in the Dachshund Dash, and came to visit us.

What a sweetheart!

A huge shout out to Ocean 98.5...they actually let ME speak on radio!! I have no clue how it sounded. Did you get to hear it?

Anyways...that was a long post...did you make it to the end? We look forward to participating in more events like this. It was so cool to see the dogs using the stairs and ramps. Without this, we wouldn't know what your pets need! Improvements and new products are developed this way :)

Take care until next time,


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